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From our entrepreneurial beginnings, we have become one of the fastest growing elevator companies in Nigeria. Many years of experience has built a solid foundation for ADUMEK ELEVATORS to fulfill all your vertical transportation needs now and in the future.

With ADUMEK ELEVATORS at your disposal, you can discover the best solution to all your vertical transportation needs. We specialize in elevator solutions featuring the latest technology for every type of buildings; classic to contemporary, residential or commercial... no job is too big or too small.

Whether you are looking for Gear or Gearless Elevators, Machine Room or Machine Room less Elevators, ADUMEK ELEVATORS is always there For You!

ADUMEK  ELEVATORS. is a Nigerian Company, which Sells, Install, modernize and maintain;

  • Residential Elevators

  • Escalators And Walkways

  • Conveyors

  • Commercial Elevators

  • Construction Hoists

  • Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Inclined And Stair case Lifts

  • Dumbwaiters

  • Material Lifts (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors)

  • And all associated Vertical Transportation Equipment


ADUMEKELEVATORS  can modernize your abandoned and outdated  elevators and turn it to brand new at a very low cost . Our goal is to supply our customers with the most cost effective resolution to your need, while minimizing downtime. We can also provide a capital budget planner for extensive repairs that the customer would like to do over a period of time. Contact us today, for  free technical advice and quotation for the repair    and complete upgrading of your elevators to the latest technology.


ADUMEK ELEVATORS sell and installs new elevators/escalators all over Nigeria and Africa. As Buildings keep rising…so we rise to the challenges. As building technology changes and progresses, our elevator technology does the same. Adumek Elevators has a long history of meeting new challenges with ongoing innovations in a very simple way. While there is a wide range of elevators to fit every need viz: gearless traction, geared traction (MRL or Machine room type),Mono phase Elevator (single phase as the main supply to the controller), Solar Elevators (The main micro processor of the controller is powered by solar energy) The regenerative drive and lot more.


ü  Lift Consultancy Services

ü  Elevator & Escalator Safety inspection And certification

ü  Facility Management.

ADUMEKELEVATORS maintains all types of elevators and escalators, our after sales services is second to none as we take care of all our installations as the baby of the moment. Our maintenance crew cum our technical support are always available 24/7. Our GSM monitoring device makes it easy for our technician to monitor the status our lifts in order to achieve zero downtime of any of our product.  


ADUMEKELEVATORS range of products and services are tailored to provide the company’s corporate, commercial and individual clients with value added vertical transportation solution to day to day problem arising from mobility of young, old, disabled, and goods movement from floor to floor of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, both existing and the buildings under-construction, irrespective of the floor number and rated load capacity. 

Our staff works with the clients to achieve their mobility goals by offering all the products and services needed to obtain appropriate help for their movement aid, through building inspection, adequate analysis and appropriate  proposals and technical advice that will befit the property (new properties), conform with existing structure and minimizing available space.







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